Meet the Staff of our Assisted Living Facility

Eric Moessing


Eric has worked in healthcare since 2004.  Most recently he served as the Executive Director of Park View Gardens, a skilled nursing and rehab facility here in Santa Rosa.  In the eight years he had that role he worked closely with the medical community and began to understand all levels of senior care.  He also developed an extensive network of physicians, nurses, and other providers of health care including the local hospitals and nursing homes.  He enjoys the challenges of working in the health care industry and loves the time he gets to spend interacting with patients. One of Eric’s greatest accomplishments in life was marrying his beautiful wife Jamie.  Together they have four, very active, children. 


Lourdita, affectionately called, Lourdy, has worked as a caregiver for over 30 years.  She has an incredible compassion for our residents and shows it in tender ways.  She loves to joke, sing, and even dance with our residents.  Not only is Lourdy recognized for her tender touch and joking ways, she contributes to the fantastic meals that are served everyday at Redwood Retreat.  During her "time off" she can be seen hanging out with our residents.  She truly sees them as family.


Monette is a bundle of energy and love.  She enjoys making our residents smile and she ensures that all receive personalized care.  She is a great cook, a great conversationalist, and a great karaoke singer.  Our residents love Monette.

 Sue                                                                                                                                                                                            Caregiver                                                                                                                                                                                             Sue loves our residents and it shows.  Every resident at Redwood Retreat feels like he or she is Sue's favorite and they are right!  Sue knows how to give heartfelt, personalized care.  Always the conversationalist, Sue can liven up a room with story after story.  Our residents are blessed to have Sue care for them.


Nighttime Caregiver

Gloria is our night owl.  She quietly works throughout the night making sure residents are safe and that their needs are met throughout the night.  She also prepares the home for the following day including, on occasion, making fresh apple pie.  Although Gloria does not get a lot of face time at night with our residents, when they do need her help in the night, they are grateful for her tender and kind care.